Miners, police clash in Madrid protest

Miners, police clash in Madrid protest

MADRID - Agence Frence-Presse
Miners, police clash in Madrid protest

Demonstrators run during clashes between riot policemen and Spanish coal miners during a miner's demonstration in Madrid, on July 11, 2012 in protest at industry subsidy cuts that they say threaten their communities. AFP photo

Clashes erupted Wednesday in a Madrid rally over Spanish mining cuts, injuring at least two people as some protesters hurled rocks and bottles at charging police.

AFP journalists saw the outbreak of violence between police and a small group of people among the tens of thousands demonstrating against drastic cuts in mining industry subsidies.

At least two people were injured; a photographer and a demonstrator who said she had been struck by a rubber bullet.
"There was a police charge in front of the Industry Ministry," said a Madrid police spokesman said.
Five people were arrested, officials said.
A knot of young demonstrators hailed down projectiles including firecrackers, glass bottles and rocks on riot police who wore helmets and protected themselves with their shields.
Police could be seen chasing some of the protesters.
Officers backed by dozens of police vans were deployed in front of the ministry building in the capital.
A few hundred meters way, another group of dozens of protesters outside Real Madrid's Bernabeu stadium was seen throwing stones and drink cans at riot police.
Police charged to try to detain some of them.

"Out, out," shouted protesters. "These are our weapons," they cried, raising their hands to the sky.