Manuscripts reveal the history of humankind

Manuscripts reveal the history of humankind

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Manuscripts reveal the history of humankind

Currently, Topkapı Museum Library is home to 21,438 rare manuscripts.

The Manuscript Library at Topkapı Palace was reopened yesterday by Culture Minister Ömer Çelik following a period of restoration.

The library is home to 21,438 manuscripts, Çelik said, adding that the manuscripts belong to all humanity and that they should be shared with everyone.

It is very important to protect and preserve these manuscripts, he said.

“These manuscripts are very important for Islamic heritage and history. Now this library has a very modern look and become a place that we can display these manuscripts and this is something that we should proud of,” the culture and tourism minister said.

Noting that there were many important and valuable works in the museum, Çelik said a total of 21,438 works were now being protected at the museum. 

“A total of 18,622 of them are manuscripts, while 2,816 of them are rare books,” he added.

The works contain many miniature works, as well as other works that relate facets of human history. 

“The works in the museum tell the story of humankind and how they lived in history,” said Çelik. 

The history of publishing is also revealed in the books and manuscripts. Ottoman book publishing is one of the main focuses of the manuscripts, Çelik said.