Linden as valuable as gold in Turkey during winter

Linden as valuable as gold in Turkey during winter

BURSA – Demirören News Agency
Linden as valuable as gold in Turkey during winter

Linden, which is consumed more during autumn and winter season when cold weather starts and seasonal outbreaks occur, is preferred by many people for its beautiful fragrance in these times.

Rich in Vitamin A and calcium, linden tea is good for many ailments from flu to cough, stress to heart health.

But with the winter season, it is hard to pick linden from trees, and the price has risen to 200 Turkish Liras for one kilogram. That’s why the customers have started to buy linden with portions as small as 50 grams.

Prices will rise further

The price of linden is expected to rise when the cold weather hits all regions of Turkey.

“Because it is the time of winter, and also it is harder to pick linden in this season, its price soared, and it is reflected on customers as well.

Currently, linden leaf is 150, and its flowers are 200 liras for one kilogram. But, during the winter it can go up a little more. As the peasants abstain from selling the goods, the prices go up,” said Adnan Kurtuluş, an herbalist in the northwestern province of Bursa.

“It is really hard to pick up. Trees are so high, and it is not for everyone. One shouldn’t have any height fear. You have to climb up 30-40 meters and hold the tree branches down and collect them with scissors,” he added.