Late poet Can Yücel’s tomb to be finally renovated

Late poet Can Yücel’s tomb to be finally renovated

MUĞLA - Doğan News Agency
Late poet Can Yücel’s tomb to be finally renovated

This photo shows the current situation of the tomb after the attack in 2011. It will be restored by sculptor Mehmet Aksoy and regain its former situation (below).

Renowned Turkish poet Can Yücel’s tomb, which was damaged in August 2011 in the western province of Muğla’s Datça district, will be restored. The restoration will be carried out by sculptor Mehmet Aksoy, who built the tomb.

The wife of the poet, Güler Yücel has not so far given permission for the restoration of the tomb because the two suspects were acquitted over the lack of evidence in the end of the three-year trial. “We became very upset because of this decision. It is not easy to forgive this incident. I am not in favor of a prison sentence, but I would ask the criminals to wait there during the day and take care of the tomb for two years,” she said.

Yücel said Aksoy had worked very hard in building the tomb, adding, “I don’t have the heart to ask him to build the tomb once again. I am afraid that it would be broken again. But now we have decided to restore it because of the efforts of Datça Mayor Şener Tokcan. I was very determined to not restore the tomb because I did not want to experience the same things.”

Praising Aksoy, Yücel said, “When the idea of building a tomb arose many years ago, I wanted Aksoy to do it. Some of my relatives told me ‘Aksoy demands too much money.’ When I asked him what I would pay him, he said ‘the light in your eyes is enough for me.’ He is such a beautiful person. We will do whatever he wants to do.”

Expressive tombstone

Speaking about the issue, Aksoy noted Yücel’s tombstone was not an ordinary one, adding, “I built an expressive tombstone. They broke it. The tomb showed the circle of life; the shining child inside of him. Maybe this expression bothered the attackers. People do not let him rest in his tomb. Even though his tomb is broken, his poems are known by everyone. I said on that day that I would rebuild it. I will finish the tomb within a month starting in the middle of June.”

During a commemoration ceremony held for Yücel on the 12th anniversary of his death in 2011, a group of people poured wine on the grave, saying the ritual was in accordance with his wishes. The act was criticized by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) head Ahmet Sedat Deniz.

Then the tomb was attacked, leading some to accuse Deniz of inciting the act through his criticism of the people who poured wine over the tomb.