Iran's 'morality police' tighten control on women with the rising heat

Iran's 'morality police' tighten control on women with the rising heat

Irans morality police tighten control on women with the rising heat

A file picture taken on July 23, 2007 shows an Iranian policewoman (R) walking between police vehicles, preparing to start a crackdown to enforce the Islamic dress code in Tehran. AFP Photo

Some 70,000 female police officers will be on the lookout for women dressed inappropriately on the streets of Iran in the rising summer heat, daily Vatan reported.

Female police officers will be responsible for detecting and warning women who fail to dress in line with the moral code of the Iranian authorities. Officers too will be dressed in black burqas, and will be instructing Iranian women on how to cover themselves the right way. Routine hand checks will also be conducted to prevent any use of nail polish.

The entire police force on dress code duty will be working overtime to cover every street in Iran, daily Vatan reported.

Similar regulations have been applied in previous years as well, under which women could be released from custody upon signing a paper agreeing to dress “properly.” Several incidents of violent confrontations have taken place during patrols, according to media reports, including incidents where officers used force against women who objected to their claims.

A woman can even face a prison sentence for refusing to change her dress following an official warning.