Internet at forefront of technology addiction: Expert

Internet at forefront of technology addiction: Expert

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Internet at forefront of technology addiction: Expert

As the world evolves into a more digitalized place day by day, people have been introduced to what is called technology addiction which is mainly triggered by social media.

Deniz Unay, an Istanbul-based social media specialist, describes the technology addiction “intense interest in personal computers and mobile devices” and “a habit to get away from society.”

Raising concern for “the globally growing disaster,” Unay warned that technology addiction causes trauma in the society.

There are over 40 million Internet users in Turkey, he said, and 90 percent of them are mobile users.

As mobile devices become smarter, the active use of social media has increased, he asserted.

“The Internet, which has reached every point of our lives through the developing technological tools, has become an open prison that confines people with the rapid spread of social media platforms used to attain information,” Unay said.

He warned: “The Internet has shown us that it is not as innocent as it appears to be by being at the forefront of technology addiction.”

Specialized on the effects of social media and mobile life, Unay said curiosity is the main motive behind using social media and online game websites.

“We spend most of our time on our mobile phones, tablets or personal computers, dealing with [the curiosity over] who liked our posts, who shared what and what videos they uploaded,” he added.

At last, it has become such an everyday routine that people check their social media accounts even while working or eating, the specialist said.