International support for Adana’s stray dogs

International support for Adana’s stray dogs

International support for Adana’s stray dogs

A call made by two brothers on social media to build shelters for stray dogs in the southern province of Adana’s Karataş district has received support from thousands of people from across the world, including Turkey. 

The brothers made an international call on social media in various languages to take action to find a permanent shelter solution for the stray dogs, aiming to build 40 kennels. The call received support from people from Turkey, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Switzerland, Canada, England, Australia and India. 

Cihan Nazlıoğlu, 24, and Devran Nazlıoğlu, 30, are natives of Adana, but have spent a large part of their lives in Australia, where their family had moved for work. 

Fifteen out of 40 kennels, which were constructed with donations, were recently finished and placed in different parts of the district.

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, Cihan Nazlıoğlu said that 15 one-square-meter kennels, each of which had a cost of 600 Turkish Liras, they had set up were finished, and 25 were under construction. 

He said they also attached plates to the kennels with the name of the donators and the flags of their countries. 

“One of these donators is Swedish, Angelica Lindstrom. We placed the kennel with her name in a fishing port in the district. Thanks to Lindstrom, the animals in the port have a place to stay. She came to Turkey and gave us support during works. As they come and see our works, donators want to provide more support,” he said. 

Nazlıoğlu said that people from all around the world got in touch with them to provide support, adding, “Their support still continues. Our goal is to make a shelter to serve more stray animals.” 

Lindstrom said that she got in touch with the brothers to help them. “Sometime later they sent me the photo of the kennel and I came to Turkey to see it closely and help them. The idea of putting the names and countries on the kennels is very important. This way, they can reach more people from around the world and get more support.”