Indonesia arrests alleged ISIL recruiter

Indonesia arrests alleged ISIL recruiter

TUBAN, Indonesia
Indonesia arrests alleged ISIL recruiter Indonesia’s anti-terrorism officers captured Aug. 11 a man accused of raising funds and dispatching Indonesian citizens to Marawi, Philippines, and Syria to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Anadolu Agency reported.

National Police spokesman Commissioner Martinus Sitompul told Anadolu Agency that a furniture seller, identified only by the initials S.P., was arrested without a fight on Aug. 11 morning in Tangerang City, Banten Province, as he was taking his son to school.

“S.P. raises funds and dispatches some people to the Philippines and Syria,” Sitompul said.

Police have ransacked his home and confiscated some of the evidence, including some documents. “We are still trying to find out the details of his role,” he added.

At least 500 Indonesians have joined ISIL in Syria and more than 40 others are in Marawi, based on The National Counterterrorism Agency data.

The agency’s deputy head of International Cooperation, Inspector Gen. Hamidin told Anadolu Agency that many Indonesians had been fooled by ISIL’s promises to give them jobs with big salaries and free healthcare.

“Do not be affected by their heroic attitudes, what ISIS [another acronym used for ISIL] promised is just a lie,” said Hamidin, who uses only one name.

A group of 17 Indonesians who had joined ISIL in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa were recently handed over to Indonesian officials, and left Syria, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry confirmed to Anadolu Agency on Aug. 10.

The Indonesians, including men, women and children, reportedly claimed to have been deceived by the terrorist group’s promises of a better life.