Heavy rain to hit 56 provinces

Heavy rain to hit 56 provinces

Heavy rain to hit 56 provinces

After heatwaves and warm spells, the country is now bracing for cold weather as torrential rains are likely to hit 56 out of all 81 provinces in the country, the Turkish State Meteorological Service has warned.

The precipitation will most likely be strong, especially in the Black Sea provinces of Tokat, Ordu, Giresun, Kastamonu, the capital Ankara, the Central Anatolian provinces of Afyonkarahisar and Konya, the southern province of Isparta, and the eastern province of Sivas. The bureau has also warned of floods, high winds, thunderbolts and landslides.

Strong winds from the north of the Marmara region, the coastal Aegean region, and the north of Eastern Anatolia are expected.

Citizens residing in these regions should stay prepared and exercise caution against the possible hazards, such as the falling of trees and polls, while there can be disruption in transportation service, the bureau warned.

In the Marmara region, the weather will be partly cloudy with intermittent showers in the east, while the winds may blow strongly from the north direction, the bureau estimates.

While the inner sections are expected to be partly cloudy, the Aegean region will also be affected by rainfalls and powerful local winds.

The western Mediterranean, especially Hatay, Adana, and Mersin, will experience cloudy and rainy weather with thunderstorms, while the precipitation will be strong in the northern parts of the region.

The Central Anatolia region will be affected by torrential and thundery downpours starting from the beginning of the week, while the eastern coasts of the Black Sea region will experience intermittent showers and thunderstorms.

The weather is expected to be slightly cloudy and clear in the eastern and southwestern Anatolia regions, while winds will be strong in the north of Eastern Anatolia.

Especially on Oct. 8, the downpours are expected to hit all over the country except the western provinces of İzmir and Çanakkale, the Aegean provinces of Aydın, Muğla, Denizli and Manisa, the northwestern province of Edirne and the eastern province of Van.

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