French-made 1890s movie on Bursa found

French-made 1890s movie on Bursa found

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French-made 1890s movie on Bursa found

The two films made by a French company focus on the heritage and historical developments of Bursa.

The first set of films shot in Bursa has been found in the archives of French film company Gaumont Pathe. The film is perceived as one of the most important visual resources pertaining to Bursa. There are two films in the collection and both show photography, miniatures and gravures of the city. One of the films is two minutes long while the other is three minutes. The films focus on the heritage and historical developments of Bursa.

Pathé has shot many movies in different parts of the world since 1896. In the first analysis of the movies, the images were discovered to be from the ear of Ottoman sultan II Abdülhamit, during the 20th century. The first movie is titled “Old Ottoman Capital Bursa” and includes general views of the city, the Göksu plateau, Turkish baths and city gardens. The second movie focuses on the journey to Bursa. The movie is titled “The roads of Anatolia” (Anadolunun Yolları) and depicts a journey to Bursa under sunny Turkish skies. 

The journey movie includes a stop at the Irgandı Bridge. The films were first found in the collection of businessman Mahmut Sabuncuoğlu. Sabuncuoğlu gave the movies to Mayor Şahabettin Harput. 

Sabuncuoğlu’s company is currently taking care of the restoration of the Muradiye Islamic Complex. The movies were sent to Sabuncuoğlu during the restoration works, said Sabuncuoğlu. 

“During the restoration works, researcher Özgür Sanal said he has a movie from the beginnings of the 1900s and included scenes of Muradiye Islamic Complex that he sent for us to share with all of Bursa and Turkey,” said Sabuncuoğlu. These are the first movies that were shot in Bursa. There are many images that show Bursa in a very natural way.