European countries demand UNSC meeting on Syria

European countries demand UNSC meeting on Syria

European countries demand UNSC meeting on Syria

A number of European countries demanded on Oct. 9 a meeting from the UN Security Council to discuss the latest developments in Syria, according to diplomatic sources.

The request by England, Germany, France, Belgium and Poland to talk follows Turkey's Operation Peace Spring in the region.

The council is expected to meet in a closed session on Oct. 10.

U.S. President Donald Trump said earlier on Oct. 9 that Turkey will be responsible for all ISIL fighters captured in Syria that "Europe refused to have returned," in an apparent criticism of European countries.

NATO secretary general said U.S. ally, Turkey, is at the forefront of the crisis and has legitimate security concerns regarding Syria.

"Turkey has suffered horrendous terrorist attacks, and it hosts millions of Syrian refugees," said Jens Stoltenberg after meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Noting that Turkish authorities informed NATO about the ongoing operation in northern Syria, Stoltenberg said: "It is important to avoid actions that may further destabilize the region, escalate tensions and cause more human suffering."

"I count on Turkey to act with restraints and ensure that any action it may take in northern Syria is proportionate and measured," he added.