Environmentalists oppose construction on Chicken Islet

Environmentalists oppose construction on Chicken Islet

Environmentalists oppose construction on Chicken Islet

Local environmental organizations have accused a famous businessman of constructing an establishment for excursionists on the Aegean “Tavuk Adası,” called the “Chicken Islet,” under the guise of the renovation of a monastery.

“The islet is a protected area. However, recently, many concrete clocks have been delivered to the islet,” Nebahat Dinler, the spokesperson of the Ayvalık Platform, told daily Milliyet on May 10.

The Chicken Islet is located off the northwestern province of Balıkesir’s famous tourism hub Ayvalık. The barren islet is only home to the ruins of a monastery named “Ay Yoannu tou Prodromou.”

According to environmentalists, businessman Dikran Masis, who bought the islet years ago, has rolled up his sleeves to use it for commercial purposes.

The islet, which entered the National Parks’ list of all Ayvalık islands under protection in 2014, was also declared a protected site on Aug. 2, 2021.

“We have applied to the district governor’s office and Provincial Department of National Parks. But we have still had no reply yet,” Dinler said.

She also added that recently heavy machinery was used on the islet to open some roads.

The officials speaking to the daily said the businessman received a permit for the renovation of the monastery. “The restoration work is ongoing in compliance with the regulations,” the daily reported, quoting an official.

“Is he only making renovations to the monastery, or is he constructing some sort of property? We want to know,” Dinler noted.

The Ayvalık Islands consist of 22 islands and islets. The only island among them currently with a settlement is the “Alibey,” famously known as “Cunda.” The rest of them are visited by vacationers making daily boat trips.

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