EBRD supports green, low carbon investments in Türkiye

EBRD supports green, low carbon investments in Türkiye

EBRD supports green, low carbon investments in Türkiye

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is extending up to €50 million in financing to Yapı Kredi Leasing to expand financing opportunities for borrowers committed to green investments and mitigating climate risks.

Yapı Kredi Leasing is the largest leasing company in Türkiye with a strong track record of transformative green energy endeavors.

The financing will be the second loan provided under the EBRD’s €500 million Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) initiative, and will allow Yapı Kredi Leasing to offer financing to sub-borrowers implementing green economy investments on various sustainable measures, including energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate resilience. Yapı Kredi will be the first leasing company to use the GEFF loan.

Funded by grants from the Bank and the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), Yapı Kredi Leasing will receive a technical assistance package to support its on-lease practices and enhance equal access to green financing.

The EBRD continues to work towards a sustainable future in Türkiye by focusing on green financing in the county. Despite ambitious goals, Türkiye remains a carbon-intensive economy that carries vulnerabilities relating to the climate crisis. EBRD is strongly committed to accelerating the country’s transition into a green future, while increasing the inclusivity and resilience of Türkiye’s economy.

The EBRD is a leading institutional investor in Türkiye. It has invested more than €16.5 billion in 378 projects in the country since 2009, most of which have been in the private sector.