Doğan Holding finalizes purchase of wind plants

Doğan Holding finalizes purchase of wind plants

Doğan Holding finalizes purchase of wind plants

Doğan Holding Chairwoman Doğan Faralyalı says the firm is committed to renewable energy. Company photo

Doğan Enerji, part of Doğan Holding, has finalized the 240 million euro purchase of Akdeniz Elektrik Üretim and Galata Wind Enerji from the Ağaoğlu Group, according to a company statement released yesterday.

Doğan purchased the Mersin Wind Power Plant, under the Akdeniz Elektrik Üretim umbrella, with an installed capacity of 33 megawatts, and Şah Wind Power Plant, with an installed capacity of 93 megawatts, for 240 million euros.

Total capacity 147 MW

The total installed capacity of the plants will be 147 megawatts, and annual electricity production will be about 530 million kilowatts per hour when the current works to increase the capacity end.
“Renewable energy is an area where Doğan Group will be active. Wind energy, in addition to being clean and renewable, will also contribute to the country’s economy by reducing the dependence on energy imports burdening the current account deficit,” said Doğan Holding Chairwoman Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı.

Energy is economy’s motor, says Doğan CEO

Doğan Holding Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yahya Üzdiyen added that the energy sector was the economy’s motor.

“The completion of this acquisition is an important part of our energy sector strategy. Doğan Enerji will continue to evaluate opportunities in electricity distribution and fuel,” he said.

Chairman of the Ağaoğlu Group Ali Ağaoğlu, meanwhile, reiterated that despite the sale of its two wind power plants, Ağaoğlu is still committed to expanding its investments in its 17 companies which produce a total 1,084 megawatts of renewable energy, according to the press release.

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