Disabled crow Garip ‘cared for like a baby’

Disabled crow Garip ‘cared for like a baby’

AMASYA - Anadolu Agency
Disabled crow Garip ‘cared for like a baby’

Arife Kurt, a local in the northern province of Amasya’s Suluova district, cares for a disabled crow found by her son on the road a year ago as if looking after a baby.

The crow, named Garip, who is missing his foot and wing, is like a member of their family, said Kurt, who also takes care of many stray animals, including cats and dogs, in the garden of her house.

She says she has been taking care of her two children by herself for 15 years and tries to earn money as a homeworker.

She said Garip was sick when her son first brought him home, but she had healed his wounds.

“We became accustomed to Garip. He is a member of our family. He eats what we eat. He sings when he sees me. Some people make fun of me because I have a crow. Whenever I see a helpless animal outside, I take care of them because they have a right to live. A crow is a living creature, too; God created them. I am thinking to keep him as long as I live,” she said.

Kurt said a fire broke out in a part of their house a short time ago and they were able to rescue Garip. “He was safe and sound from the fire,” she added.

Kurt said if her economic situation was good, she would take care of more animals and complained about people who torture animals.