CSO Ada becomes cultural island in capital

CSO Ada becomes cultural island in capital

CSO Ada becomes cultural island in capital

The CSO Ada Ankara, where the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO) started hosting music lovers last year, has become the capital’s cultural island and is preferred by world-renowned artists.

Following the official opening of the new season in September, the orchestra’s routine concerts continue in the venue. And also, artists such as Kudsi Erguner, Serhan Bali, Avishai Cohen and Gülsin Onay met with audiences in the city.

The venue will host the London Philharmonic Orchestra, which will take the stage for the first time in Turkey, and jazz artist Chris Botti next week.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, CSO Conductor Can Deliorman said that the new concert hall, which is located in the CSO Ada Ankara, has hosted various events since the beginning of the summer.

Noting that the Presidential Symphony Orchestra opened the official season last month, Deliorman said that the orchestra would continue its periodic concerts in its new home until June.

He stated that the CSO Ada Ankara, where the 2,023-seat CSO Main Hall, the 500-seat Blue Hall and the 650-seat old orchestra building (historical CSO) are located, offers residents of the capital the opportunity to listen to different music genres and many local and foreign ensembles.

“The venue spreads over a very large area. It has become the central point of our cultural life with its open-air areas, CSO museum, foyer areas, cafeterias and restaurants. In this unique island of art, we can listen to many international soloists, ensembles and orchestras ranging from jazz to ethnic music to concerts of traditional ensembles and choirs, especially the concerts of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra,” he added.

Deliorman emphasized that the CSO Concert Hall is the only symphonic concert hall in Turkey and said: “In this sense, it differs from all other multi-purpose concert halls. Culture and art metropolises of the world are known for their orchestras and concert halls. As we see in countless examples, such as Berlin, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles and Hamburg, cities develop and are recognized with their orchestras and iconic concert halls. The symphony orchestras, which represent the peak points of cultural and artistic production, are the most important part of the cultural memory of these metropolises and the strongest object of their promotional showcase at the same time. From this perspective, the CSO Concert Hall will become a strong part of the international culture and art network as a role model not only for Ankara but also for Turkey.”

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