City offers great music and tastes

City offers great music and tastes

The distinguished participants in the World Congress of the Game Theory Society have rested up from the busy days of panels and meetings at dinners in various locations around Istanbul.

They attended a special party at SuAda, a mini island off the coast of Kuruçeşme, a district on the European side of the Bosphorus, on the second night of the congress.

The following night, the participants gathered at a special gala dinner in the garden of Bilgi University’s Santral Campus, which is located in Istanbul’s historical Eyüp district on the European side of the city. A special selection of traditional Turkish cuisine was served at the dinner.

The participants also enjoyed the music of the Akatay Project, founded by Mehmet Akatay, which presented fine examples of Turkish classical music.

The city of Istanbul took most of the participants’ time after congress events. They strolled around Istanbul to explore the city.

Nobel-laureate economists Eric Stark Maskin, Roger Myerson and their spouses traveled the city with a professional guide.