Ankara concerned over 'use of force' in French protests

Ankara concerned over 'use of force' in French protests

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Ankara concerned over use of force in French protests

Turkey is concerned about general strikes and protests, as well as the "disproportionate use of force" by security forces in France, the country's Foreign Ministry said on Dec. 6. 

The ministry said in a written statement that intervention of French police, injuring press members, including an Anadolu Agency journalist, on Thursday is an "unacceptable physical interference" against the press freedom.

Turkish reporter injured during protests in Paris
Turkish reporter injured during protests in Paris

"The fact that the French authorities have not issued any apology on the issue also raises the gravity of the situation," it added. 

The ministry also called on the French government to act "in accordance with European and universal human rights norms" for demonstrations that are likely to continue in the coming period.

In a separate statement, the ministry also warned Turkish citizens "to be cautious" when traveling to France due to the ongoing protests in the country.

It warned the Turkish citizens in France and those planning to travel to the country to take into account the "adverse conditions" and plan their travels accordingly. 

The ministry urged Turkish citizens to avoid possible demonstration locations, as well as close surroundings of protests, and regularly monitor the development of possible events from local authorities and media organizations.

The statement also recommended the Turkish people to follow additional warnings and announcements by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Turkish Embassy in Paris and the Consulate General in France.