Ankara Bar to tackle domestic violence

Ankara Bar to tackle domestic violence

ANKARA - Doğan News Agency
Ankara Bar to tackle domestic violence

In this file photo, the Gelincik project members make a press statement.AA photo

The Ankara Bar Association has decided to intervene in domestic violence cases without official appeals from complainants in a project called Gelincik (poppy). Initiated two years ago, the project will not wait for the victims of domestic violence to apply to them and instead intervene in cases immediately.

As part of this program, the association intervened in the murder case of Gönül Ç., who was killed by her husband in the Sincan district of Ankara. The association will particularly focus on cases that resulted in death or injury of the victim. Lawyers from the association will follow the cases closely and provide aid to the victims.

Legal and social support to victims

The Ankara Bar Association provides legal and social support to domestic violence victims. Nearly 1,500 victims have applied to the association so far.

Speaking about the project, lawyer Hilal Akdeniz, head of the Gelincik initiative.

“We have made very positive progress so far,” Akdeniz told the Doğan News Agency. “We will continue to get involved in any domestic violence case and work hard to ensure defendants receive the highest possible compensation.”