‘Walking mansion’ now open to visitors

‘Walking mansion’ now open to visitors

YALOVA - Anadolu Agency
‘Walking mansion’ now open to visitors

The mansion in Yalova has opened its doors after 84 years after restoration. DHA photo

Republican founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s mansion in Yalova, known as the “Yürüyen Köşk” (Walking Mansion) because Atatürk had the building moved to prevent a sycamore tree from being moved, has been opened after a restoration process.

The mansion is opening its doors after 84 years, Yalova Gov. Esengül Civelek, said during an opening ceremony.

“Atatürk came to our Yalova and stayed here between 1930 and 1938. He had three mansions and two farms here in Yalova,” he said, adding that the Yürüyen Köşk was the smallest and most modest of the three residences.

Located in the northwestern province of Yalova, the mansion was last restored in 2006. Some parts of the historical mansion have been restored twice to date but have become damaged again due to humidity and salt water, according to Yalova Mayor Yakup Koçal.

The mansion was originally constructed in 1929. Atatürk saw the mansion during a yacht trip and rested under the shadow of a sycamore tree growing beside it. The branches of the tree had begun to damage the mansion, and the gardener proposed trimming them. However, Atatürk ordered the mansion be moved instead.