The 22nd century

The 22nd century

Belgin Akaltan -
The 22nd century The next century will start on Jan. 1, 2101, and it will end on Dec. 31, 2200 - unless there is a new calendar introduced to humankind, animalkind and robotkind in the meantime. 

Here is a sample of how I predict the future, on a weekend when there is an “electoral media” blackout - a ban on all political and electoral news. One reader asked me whether the Turkish people feel offended by the way the state treats them, as if they are children. There is an electoral media ban, there is a weapons ban, and there is an alcohol ban. We have to be sober, unarmed and away from the poisoning effect of the media while we are voting. 

What about the clock change? Another reader asked me whether we are offended by the state’s assumption that we are not capable of handling the clock change and holding elections at the same time. The answer is “No.” No, we are not capable; no, we are not offended. This is just realistic. 

So let’s talk about the future. I wonder if elections will be held in such a primitive form in the 22nd century. I’m not sure, but surely there won’t be a media or alcohol ban. 

According to the U.N. Population Bureau, life expectancy in 2200 will be around 100 for developed countries and the world population will be about 8.5 billion. That means that there will still be sad differences between the developed and developing world 185 years from now. 

I believe there will be a “fact checker” or some kind of a “lie detector” when officials and politicians speak. It will beep or change the color of the screen when they do not tell the truth. When the speaker is talking rubbish, the listener will see the dose of rubbish in HD. So election campaigns will have a different structure.

They will not be based on fooling people. Still, there will also be the option of “no filter” for those who still want to listen to lies. 

This detector will also be used for crowd and transportation security. It will detect any kind of ill-willed person and stop them before entering a vehicle or a crowd. People with bad intentions will also not be allowed into cities, squares, streets, or buildings. But people who won’t harm others will be allowed to socialize with others. Public places will be safe. 

I also think money won’t exist. People will be given adequate amounts of what they need or desire. 

Crime will end. Genetics will be engineered so ingeniously that only non-criminal human DNAs of “good people” will be allowed to inhabit the earth. Crime prevention won’t be needed. But because that would expose humankind to all kinds of extraterrestrial and non-extraterrestrial dangers caused by ill-thinking, there will be certain measures to prevent this evil such as “wise and evil” committees who divert the dangers and risks that our good humans living on earth have stopped worrying about. There should also be control mechanisms for these committees so they don’t abuse their evil-thinking powers, but on earth there will be no need for police, the army or weapons. 

Habited by good and wise people, in the world of 2200 we might not even feel the need to speak to each other because we will be able to understand and communicate using other means. Certain signals might be just sufficient for human communication. We will be able to understand animals, plants, and maybe inanimate objects.  

There won’t be any sexes. The world will be mono-sex. There will only be humankind. Reproduction will be done in a much better, more perfect way, not involving primitive methods such as pregnancy and birth. Sexual activity will be optional. There will not be women with five children or men with four wives because we will all be wiser. Only people with licenses will be allowed to have children. 

Sex, in the form of action, may become just an internal thing: A human being having sex with itself. Maybe it will become just a mechanical thing, done inside a box, like the “orgasmatron” in that Woody Allen movie…

Cooking, eating, homecare and childcare will not be a problem. Clothes and vehicles will be free. People will not be cooking individually over and over again. Food will be free. Medical sciences will excel and life expectancy will be over 100 years.  

Differences may or may not be eliminated, but they will definitely not kill us. 

In future studies… 

Whops… Just now a beam of light came down from the sky and took me away… I am flying…