Technology eases life for housewives, Erdoğan says

Technology eases life for housewives, Erdoğan says

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Technology eases life for housewives, Erdoğan says

PM Erdoğan test-drives an electric engine car produced by Renault’s local unit.

Women can do the laundry and raise children with greater ease today thanks to technological advancements in recent decades, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said April 6 at the first International Technology Addiction Congress.

“Housewives used to wash the laundry by hand [30 to 40 years ago in Turkey]. There were no diapers. Housewives used to buy nettle cloth. They would boil [and re-use] it. They suffered a lot. It is easy for today’s mothers,” he said, reiterating his view that families should have at least three children as “life circumstances have eased.” 

The technology conference is being held from April 6 to 8 and is being organized by the Education Ministry, Marmara University, the Kült Association (Culture, Society and Family Association) and Ümraniye Municipality.

The conference aims to “raise awareness on addiction to technology, present solutions and discuss preventive measures.” 

“We have a responsibility to control, shape change and channel it into a healthy way,” the prime minister said, adding that humans should rule over technology and prevent technology from ruling over humans.The prime minister also said parking had become a major problem in the country.

“The neighborhood I used to live in is under the occupation [of cars]. This is in a way good: It shows increasing prosperity,” he said, adding that the central government should enact a law to solve the problem of a lack of garages even though such car-parking areas are required in new developments.