Syrian opposition massacre caught on recorded footage

Syrian opposition massacre caught on recorded footage

Syrian opposition massacre caught on recorded footage

A Syrian rebel from the Free Syrian Army fires his rifle down a street towards government snipers in Aleppo. AFP photo

Video footage recorded Aug. 10 appears to show Syrian opposition militants killing office workers by pushing them off the roof of a post office that had been seized by the group, daily Hürriyet reported.

Armed militia is seen in the video as they take over the post office in a town in Aleppo and kill all officials working at the post office one by one by forcing them off the roof of the building.

Officials who refuse to leave their posts following their takeover by militants are labeled as regime supporters and frequently executed by members of the anti-government forces. While militants have said the executions are conducted in response to secret ties with pro-regime militias, independent sources in the area have yet to confirm the claims. In a separate incident, two journalists were killed in Damascus.

Fighting erupted in tent city

State-run news agency SANA said one of its reporters, Ali Abbas, was killed at his residence in Damascus. Pan-Arab satellite news channel Al-Arabiya television said that Bara’a Yusuf al-Bushi, a Syrian national and army defector who worked with the station and several other international news organizations, was killed in a bomb attack while covering a story in al-Tal.

Meanwhile, at least 25 Syrian refugees injured in a tent city in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa on Aug. 11.

The incident took place in Şanlıurfa’s Ceylanpınar district in the Telhamut tent city when two groups of Syrian refugees began fighting. Security forces were not able to stop the battle until additional security teams arrived on the scene.