So no one wants a branch to be held out

So no one wants a branch to be held out

This is a stage of madness.
It is apparent now that no one wants peace.
This is a stage in Turkey about simply taking down your opponent.
The furor is at the peak.
This is not an election. This is a war.
Provocation is at its peak.

What I said was this:

“A Turk on the shore of Germany’s Rhine River has sacrificed himself for a girl he did not know at all. He dived into the waters to save the girl taken by the current of the river. He did not say ‘what is it to me.’ He did not ask whether she was from his religion. His name was Ali. And a German woman held a branch out to Ali to save him.”

And then I asked:

“Don’t we have any branches left to hold out to each other?”
I am looking at the answers. This is delirium.
Some of the people have come to the stage to throw their shoes to the television screen.
Part of the media is engaged in blind attacks.
Those columnists who say, “How can you accuse them? They are innocent until proven guilty,” for the ministers accused of corruption, can in a blink of an eye call the Gülen Cemaat an illegal “organization.”
Yet isn’t it the subject of the judiciary, whether ministers are guilty of corruption or whether the Cemaat an “illegal organization?”
So where is the judiciary?
According to the conjuncture, the judiciary functions years late.
That’s why we see the rise of hatred and anger.
Because individual and societal anger explodes when justice doesn’t function.
People get mad. Insults and lynching start when people don’t see justice.
Some missions are given to some people.
“Why don’t you write?” is the sort of message in that type of mission.
There is a kind of conjectural justice. Justice that acts according to the times.
For instance, a soldier insults the prime minister.
The prosecutor is there, the judge is there.
But no case is initiated.
Time passes. the situation changes, the balance of power changes.
The judiciary starts functioning.
That’s why no branch is left to be held out.
Hostility and hatred continue to rise.

For instance, I simply write:

“Hey, cast your vote instead of throwing rocks. Look, elections are coming. Why are you insulting others?”

I just write:

“Isn’t democracy and peace our main target?”

The answers come from social media:

“Leave all this aside; write the truth.”
But whose truth?
I’m not angry at those who say that, actually.
Because in a place where everyone looks for justice only for him or herself, it isn’t possible to find social justice.
Can we reach democracy with a mentality that sees votes as nails and ballot boxes as coffins? Which sees all votes as nails in the coffin of those who they don’t like?
In which language can saying “I will bury you at the ballot box!” be considered a democracy?
This has relevance in only one language, that of hate...