Samsung to shift some production to Turkey

Samsung to shift some production to Turkey

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
South Korea’s electronics firm Samsung plans to make a greenfield investment for the manufacture of some of its products in Turkey, said a top executive of the company’s local unit yesterday.

Recently, Samsung lost the tender to provide 8.9-inch tablet PCs in Turkish schools to General Mobile.
“We are planning to make some investments in Turkey to shift manufacturing of some of our products,” Samsung Turkey’s General Manager Sung Yong-hong told the Hürriyet Daily News on the sidelines of a press meeting in Istanbul.

The local unit of the company and the headquarters are currently having talks about greenfield investment in Turkey, he said, adding that the Turkish market was important for the company’s future plans

“We are still interested in manufacturing 10-inch e-tablet computers for Turkish students and we will participate in the next tender,” said Sung. Turkey’s state tender named “Fatih Project” also includes 10-inch e-tablet for students and teachers, according to official’s previous statements.

“We know that some of the Turkish officials’ requirements are that we manufacture the tablet computers in Turkey and this is why we are considering investing in the country,” Hong said. Along with Samsung, Lenova is expected to bid for the next tender for the manufacture of 10-inch tablets. Both firms await announcement of the tender expected next month.

“We are ready to adhere to Turkish government requirements and meet the demand for tablet computers,” he added.

“We are currently both in touch with Turkish government officials and our headquarters,” he said, adding that the company has already launched some feasibility studies for investing in Turkey.
“So far, we are satisfied with the research,” Hong said.