The new internet law…

The new internet law…

I am unhappy about the recently legislated law on social media and the internet. I have concerns that it might be used to further tighten the sphere of freedoms in this country. Laws legislated as a reaction to some nasty developments unfortunately possess the potential of going to the extreme.

It was also so unfortunate to see such insults about the daughter and the son-in-law of the president on social media platforms just after they had a baby.

No one should have the right to ruin the joy and happiness of a couple who just had a new baby with sinister allegations.

Right, there is a saying as well that we should not only look at what is said and who said it, but must also take into consideration who and how such things were made to have been said. Nonsense. It is the right of every mother and father to be able to ask such ugly and derogatory claims be stopped in the first place and those responsible of them face court and receive appropriate punishment.

Let me conclude today with some Nasraddin Hodja jokes. Nasraddin, a folk hero, is believed to have lived in this land during the invasion of Anatolia by Timurlane. From Azerbaijan, Iran to Turkey many nations claim the hodja belongs to them. Is it so important where he belongs? Nasraddin is the folk hero of our peoples.

One day, Nasraddin Hodja’s donkey was stolen. When they heard this, the village people all came to the Hodja and began to ask questions such as, “Oh, why didn’t you bolt the stable door?” “Why didn’t you build the walls higher?”

“Can anyone sleep so soundly?” In reply, the Hodja said, “Yes, you’re right. It’s my fault, of course, not the thief’s.”

One day, Nasraddin Hodja was asked whether he could show them a miracle. “Of course, I can,” he said. Pointing at Mount Ararat (Ağrı), he said, “You see that mountain over there? I can make it come here.” “Well, then, make it come,” they said. Nasraddin stretched out his arms and cried,” Come here, oh great one.” But the mountain did not move.

Then the Hodja started to walk towards the mountain. When asked what he was doing, the Hodja said, “I’m not conceited. If the mountain won’t come to me, I’ll go to the mountain.”