Olive oil’s well-deserved success

Olive oil’s well-deserved success

Evoo World Ranking is an internet site ranking the world’s best olive oil. This site gives points to the world’s prestigious olive oil quality contests, according to their importance. For example, Mario Solinas is the most prestigious and highest scored contest.

They do the ranking by looking at the companies from around the world who participate in the competitions the most and receive the best points.

The olive oil brands that join the most contests and get the most awards are published on the site.

According to their score system, only the olive oils that receive more than 160 points are valued to enter the list.

Nine companies from Turkey with definite points rank among this study and the only Turkish brand that ranks as the best natural extra-virgin olive oil with 172.75 points is TUAY.

I congratulate every company that represents our country in the international contests and spreads our olive types and olive oil brand names to the world.

TUAY from Turkey received more than 160 points and made this list.

TUAY is the brand that I cannot say enough of in writing and recommending with great confidence!
I am so happy for this!

Last winter, we had met Atilla Totoş, the owner of TUAY at the Olive Harvest Festival in Milas and talked about the false facts known about olive oil during a live broadcast.

I had even written in my column about how the “Memecik olive” of Milas, Atilla’s factory, their olive oil and the locals’ efforts hand-in-hand raised awareness about olives.

Atilla is a very good pharmacist. With a great love for olives and the science of this business, he puts his knowledge into practice in his factory.

Atilla, Feridun and every olive lover share everything they know about olives as much as possible with everyone and work with great enthusiasm to give training to create awareness and increase their quality.

The “Memecik olive” is the olive type that carries the highest polyphenol value. The only thing this olive needs is that we value it and use it in the most right and natural way.

As I always say, everyone who enters my life is a miracle; I am a very lucky and rich person.

Here you are—I write proudly in my column about another example of such a person.

Last winter, we collected together the olives from our garden with Feridun Kaykı and his wife Nurdan from the Olive Lovers Association and brought them to Atilla’s factory.

Five liters of olive oil came out of my 50 kilos of olives.

I was very happy to know that we wasted no drop of it.

I have the opportunity to say that my olives have come out of the factory that has been recognized worldwide as the best in Turkey.

To receive an award, owning the best machines in a factory are not enough, of course.

You also need to work with a great team.

You need the support of the olive oil connoisseurs, academicians and volunteers from other professions.

Besides having all this support, TUAY also has the advantage of working with a strong olive type such as the “Memecik olive.”

It is no surprise to see good results when you combine love of olive oil and a passionate team in your business.

No effort should be left without payoff.

It is no coincidence that everyone in Muğla is giving support to the “Memecik olive.” Every supporter has a common goal here. By taking the support of the Olive Lovers Association, they aim that at least one factory from each district of Muğla produces olives and olive oil of such high quality.

I have no doubt they will succeed in this. I have seen the common goal, awareness and effort during the Milas Olive Harvest Festival.

This year and every year, I will be together with them.

There is nothing I would not do in this lifetime for olive trees and olive oil.