No monitoring of the ISIL militants at the most crucial time

No monitoring of the ISIL militants at the most crucial time

What an unfortunate coincidence; right at that moment when the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants are being monitored, the wiring and tracking system collapses at the Directorate of Telecommunication (TİB). During that time, no monitoring is possible; a “technical” error.

The Access Providers Association was formed to regulate Internet broadcasts and fight crimes that would be committed in that environment. This is open censorship and there is no other similar example in the world. Besides, we have nearly 200 access providers here; none of them are represented in that union.

Türk Telekom controls 92 percent of the Internet market block access. Message systems, including Whatsup, Gtalk and MSN are all under control. Just as opening a letter and reading it is a crime, it is a constitutional crime to open an e-mail and look at it, but who cares.

There is new staffing in the TİB, top and mid-management have been changed. The personnel who have a background in law have been shifted to the mail room. Instead of them, personnel that have no knowledge of the law were appointed.

To the head of the department where recorded conversations are controlled, Erdoğan’s executive assistant’s brother at the Justice and Development Party (AKP) was appointed. This “brother” of ours is in control of the situation; he knows who is being wired and why; all of them. You know, when he said “We know what they are doing; we will go into their den,” it is not only the community, but actually everybody’s private life under control.

Loopholes eliminated

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Erdal Aksünger is pursuing the matter and has submitted a question to the relevant ministers, but the question exposed another grave situation:
“Why have the TİB’s secret monitoring systems been seized and why have those seized systems been taken out of the TİB? And to whom was the date?”

The measure against the Dec. 17, 2013 corruption claims is ready; there are no problems left. The transcripts and all kinds of corruption claims are under control. All of the loopholes in the system are eliminated. Only monitoring the ISIL militants at the most crucial phase is not “technically” possible; what an unfortunate coincidence!

Again, if something is leaked accidentally, then the “state secret” clause applies; it is a secret for 50 years. In each of his presidential campaign speeches, he says everything is for the nation. Since the nation is in charge of the corruption, it is his duty to protect the nation.

PKK at Yeşilköy

On the same day when the “Resolution process package” was voted at Parliament, here is Yeşilköy. It is not the Yeşilköy of Istanbul, but a village in the eastern province of Bingöl.

The outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) came to the village, gathered the villagers and gave two orders: “Never vote for Erdoğan and do not pay your electric bills.” The logic is simple: Is there anything about the electricity bill in the resolution process? No, there is not. Then there is no need to pay it.

These orders were not good enough for the PKK. They went to the Altınay Dam being built near Yeşilköy. They torched some heavy machinery and private cars there. The dam construction was halted. At the construction site where heavy machinery was burnt, after a while, four military helicopters landed. They conducted “inspections” and then flew away.

While the Parliament approved the “resolution process” this was the scene in the southeast.