Sarkozy and Islam

Sarkozy and Islam

Some 300 people, including former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, have penned an open letter demanding certain verses of the Quran be removed from the holy book! 

It’s almost as if they thought the verses would actually be removed and Muslims would accept that just because they demanded it!

Typical Jacobean mentality...

Robespierre and friends had attempted to push France into a bloody conflict between the ideals of religiousness and secularism when they decided to replace the Bible and the church with “the temple of the mind.” Now, they view the Quran—the religious text Muslims believe in—with the same animosity.

Working each other up

The same debate had come up after a mosque in Paris slums was shut down over claims of “radical Islam” in June 2016. Then President François Hollande had invited the top imam (Muslim priest) of Paris Dalil Boubaker to the Elysée Palace and made some calming statements, although they were answered with condemnation from imams in Paris.

“The little man” Sarkozy, as The Economist called him, was someone who had always pursued a policy of anti-Turk and anti-Muslim rhetoric in his populist views.

When Sarkozy uttered words such as the “autocracy of minorities” running for a second term, Alain Juppe, the opponent, had warned Sarkozy that his words could lead France to a civil war.

Islamophobes such as Nicolas Sarkozy, Bewilder and Anders Gravers are working up radical Salafist and Jihadi sensations in the Islamic world.

Jihadis also work up Islamophobes through the bloody attacks they carry out.

Anti-Semitism in France 

The notorious open letter shows 93 anti-Semitic crimes committed in 2017 in France behind its reasoning. Yet, we do not know what percentage of the criminals are actually Muslims.

In an announcement on March 27, the French Jewish community also stated 11 people have been killed for anti-Semitic reasons since 2000.

The worst was when an 85-year-old Nazi-era-survivor Mireille Knoll was stabbed over and over again and then her body was cremated.

Like all people, Jews, also have the right live in safety.

Like all religions, Islam could bear followers who turn out to be murderers; however, all Muslims are not responsible for the anti-Semitic attacks in France.

Was Marshall Petain—a French man who was an accomplice of Hitler in his murders—Muslim too?

France is the one country other than Nazi Germany with the highest anti-Semitic sensation.

The Quran remains the same 

Anti-Semitism is not passed onto the Muslim community from its history or through its holy book, the Quran. 

Bernard Lewis, a historian of Jewish origin, talks about how the notion of anti-Semitism is a product of Europe and how Jews in pre-dominantly Muslim populated countries live a freer life under better circumstances.

Even in those times the Quran was the same book.

Israel’s actions of occupation and violation of United Nations rulings have worked up radical Islam as well as anti-Semitism in the world.

Of course, all these facts cannot eliminate the faults of the Muslims. The Islamic world is giving the world a dark message not only with its backwardness but also with how Muslims kill Muslims much more than they kill Christians and Jews.

This further adds to the sensation of Islamophobia around the world.

Here is how Turkey’s former head of the Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) put this situation a few years ago in 2014:

“[These people are the reason why] Islam’s global messages of rights and justice, love, compassion and grace have been overshadowed and have caused Islamophobic fears in the Western world.”

Muslims should comprehend the Quran with its wisdom and be aware of the times they live in.