'Parallel structure'

'Parallel structure'

Suit to some information on arms smuggling, prosecutors got prepared to search trucks on the Anada-Hatay route. It became clear those trucks belonged to MİT (National Intelligence Agency) and the trucks were released and they continued their route to Syria.

Suspicions in domestic and international public opinion emerged about the truck transfers the government wanted to secretly conduct. There is no need to say this is creating a picture that is extremely harmful to Turkey’s image. Intelligence agencies from many countries in the world conduct secret transfers. Yet in our case, let alone secrecy, they were exposed through prosecutor’s raids!
According to one claim, prosecutors exposed these trucks, asking to search them knowing they belonged to MİT; they are the prosecutors of the “deep structure!”

Yet prosecutors might not have been informed in advanced and might have acted with the duty combatting arms struggling.

We do not have enough information in our hands to decide.

Conspiratorial comments

Just as Bashar al-Assad’s regimes’ atrocious tortures were publicized to the world, just ahead of Geneva 2 meeting; isn’t the timing of the prosecutor’s search, which can enable al-Assad to say “Turkey is supporting terrorists,” meaningful?!

Yet, with the same mentality, it is also possible to think like this:

Isn’t this important for MİT to send trucks full of things to Syria at such a time, and not warn prosecutors beforehand, prosecutors who could make the search?!

I am writing all this to underline how the reference “the timing is very important” in conspiracy theories is so ambiguous and far away from being convincing.

Perhaps another probability could be the lack of coordination between institutions. If you think like that, then you will try to work out operational mishandlings... Yet if you think of the conspiracy, the problem will continue and you will keep trying to find the “traitors.” I have to say the law regarding the MİT only gives this institution the mission of “intelligence.”

The Supreme Court of Appeals and the deep structure

I have not followed the case for match fixing; I cannot make any legal comments. Yet, the fact that the Supreme Court of Appeals makes a statement at “such a time,” can’t it be the “parallel structure’s” operation?!

Rational thinking dictates to think with concrete elements outside of our mind, not with prejudices in our mind. There are elections until autumn 2015; could the Supreme Court of Appeals delay its decision on the dossier for so long?! Why should the Supreme Court act according to the political conjuncture?! Didn’t the government increase the number of judges and the number of departments in order to speed up the judicial processes?

More importantly, there is a computer system called UYAP; all the judges and lawyers can follow the dossiers from that system. Unless there is a decision for urgency, no dossier can have priority in an out of the ordinary way. It can’t be postponed either.


Can you see how the prejudices and the perception of conspiracies in our minds can differ from the complex elements outside our mind?

One of the chapters in my book “Science and Deception,” which was first published in 1997, was called a “conspiracy theory.” The reason why I attach so much importance to it is the fact that though conspiracy perception is very attractive and motivating, it is wrong. It creates war psychology and prevents rational thinking.

Acting with perception of conspiracies instead of finding normal, legal and rational solutions to problems leads to one mistake after another; that’s why confidence in institutions would be harmed. It becomes impossible for institutions to do their jobs and the tension in the society will increase, problems become deeper. Should it be this way?