Recipe for a tasty and healthy life

Recipe for a tasty and healthy life

İpek Kip was in the textile business. About six years ago, because of continuous shrinkage in the textile sector, she decided to take time off and shut down her office. 

She was also suffering from high blood pressure, for which her doctor had prescribed medication. Because she was suspicious about using pills, she started searching for alternative ways. One of her friends told her that she had succeeded in lowering her blood pressure from around 18 to 12 in three months by avoiding flour products and milk.  

Kip thus consulted a nutritional expert recommended by her friend and completely avoided flour products and milk for three months. She gradually noticed that her life-long constipation problem was gone, together with other bodily health problems, after she changed her diet and started eating protein according to the Stone Age diet. 

It turns out she had developed an addiction to flour products, which distorted her metabolism. When she dug deeper she found out that she had yeast and gluten intolerances. 

Her change of diet not only helped her physically, it also helped her spiritually and mentally. She felt her energy increase. 

She registered with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in the United States to learn more. There she met Hülya Çavdar, who had also cured her thyroid issues with correct nutrition and decided to change her career to become a professional strategist. 

Together Kip and Çavdar learned all the diet theories, what it means to have awareness, and what was going on in the food sector. 

“The structure of wheat started to be modified in the 1940s. The aim was to end global starvation, but it didn’t help. The genetic structure of many other food items was modified, while additives for longer shelf life were introduced. Milk was changed so much that it almost became a completely different drink. The same is true for chicken. People altered the ecosystem with ‘good intentions’ to end starvation in the world, but chronic diseases, obesity and diabetes mushroomed. As our children’s hormonal balance collapsed, the use of medication soared. The only sector that benefited was the pharmaceutical sector. The price was extracted on our mental, spiritual and physical health, and what’s more starvation is continuing in the world,” Kip said. 
The gluten intolerance problem emerged due to modifications of the genetic structure of wheat. Gluten that disturbed the flora of intestines caused bloating and indigestion. 

Kip and Çavdar learned that food could be both a cure and a poison at the same time. The most correct thing was to eat according to our genes. 

With all the knowledge they accumulated, they prepared a 30-day program and formed menus. They have helped more than 200 people over three years as integrative nutrition experts, distinguishing between “true food” and what they call “food-like items.” 

They have just written a book recommending natural gluten-free products instead of genetically modified organisms with additives and gluten. The book has just been released in Turkish, called “Tam 30” (Exactly 30).  

The book has now hit the shelves and I highly recommend it.