What does the overwhelming majority of the electorate want?

What does the overwhelming majority of the electorate want?

Dear Prime Minister,

I have a short letter. I hope you will read it because it would not take too much of your time. 

Dear Prime Minister,

Regardless of having voted for you or not, the overwhelming majority of voters actually have one wish: To live in a peaceful, tranquil country. 

In normal democracies, citizens cast their votes in elections, fulfill their duties and continue with their daily lives. 

The same is true here as well. We have cast our votes, selected our deputies and sent them to the parliament. Now this is the most important thing we expect from them and as the head of the executive, from you. 

Regardless of having voted for you or not, the overwhelming majority of the voters do not like the state interfering in their lives. 

They want to decide for themselves on how to raise their children, how they live their lives and which lifestyle they prefer.

No matter if we have voted for you or nor, we want our fundamental rights, which are based on being a human being, to be protected, and that the state does not intervene in the exercise of these rights. 

Regardless of having voted for you or not, the overwhelming majority of voters want to live in a predictable country. The way to this is the existence of a just legal order. A just legal order contains a truly independent and impartial justice system. An independent and impartial judiciary is the only guarantee for us, ordinary citizens.

As a matter of fact, there is no need to go into too much detail: The overwhelming majority of voters, no matter which party they voted for, actually want to live at the level of “contemporary civilization.”

Whatever rights people have in civilized countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Switzerland, we want the same.

Do not underestimate the feeling of “defeat” formed in a portion of the society. 

Think of this: Why does a portion of the voters in our country feel this after elections and why doesn’t anybody in civilized countries experience such a sentiment? 

This is a question for which you will easily find an answer.

On this occasion, I congratulate your election victory. 


According to the messages sent by trolls, I have lost the election; whereas I do not remember running for office in these elections and I am not a member or supporter of any of the parties that competed in these elections. Moreover, there is no political party that suits my political views. 

In times, I criticize all of them; I do not expect any reward, compliment and the like from any of them. I can be considered as a “lone wolf” in this area. 

According to the trolls, I should stop doing my job also. Why? Well, because I have criticized the policies of the winning political party. 

Because I have done so, they say that I know nothing of the people and that I should either change or pack up and go. 

So, are we going to live in such a country? Everybody will side with and applaud whoever wins the elections, will like whatever they do and never think about criticizing them. 

I’m sorry, but this is not for me. I think a country where everybody agrees on and defends the same idea is a very boring one. Just because I have opposing views, I am not going to go “underground” like the opposition in fascist dictatorships. 

As an individual, I have fundamental human rights; there is the constitution and there are laws and the European Convention on Human Rights protecting my rights as a citizen. 

My opinion as a journalist is that I defend human rights, I am at the side of democracy in its broadest sense; I want a just legal order; I believe that public administration is not any superior to people but actually like an officer serving them. 

I would criticize any political party, no matter if they are ruling or in opposition or develop an act or discourse crossing these lines. I cannot ignore injustice and violations of the law. I cannot say, “Let sleeping dogs lie.”

The name of the leader, the color of the party and their names do not concern me. I recommend those who do not like the ideas of a journalist not to read his/her pieces.  

A writer who nobody reads would not be hired by a newspaper such as daily “Hürriyet” that wants to be sold and read. 

Those papers fed by pools and daily Hürriyet are not the same; don’t get confused.