The state is responsible for the attack against Ahmet Hakan

The state is responsible for the attack against Ahmet Hakan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a call to U.S. President Barack Obama following the murder of three Muslims in the United States at a press conference on Feb.13, 2015.

“I am calling Obama and I say, ‘Where are you, president?’ We the politicians are responsible for the murders taking place in our country. We have to make our stance known. Because people cast their votes for you, saying ‘You have to secure my life and my belongings.’ If you remain silent on such an incident, then the world will remain silent to you all the time.”

Well, I call on President Erdoğan from here and say, “Where are you, Mr. President!”

“You politicians got our votes to secure our life and property.”

Please make your stance known in a clear way.

If you had condemned when our newspaper was attacked and uttered a word, the stance of the state officials would have been different.

From yesterday until the time I started to write this article, no message for Ahmet Hakan had come from the presidency, which makes a statement each day for all issues.

Ahmet Hakan has been targeted and threatened for days by pens close to the government and a thug disguised as a politician. And those whose duty is to protect the life of the citizens have not moved a finger despite applications; they could not protect Ahmet Hakan.

Who knows, perhaps they did not want to protect him. This assault is not a job that can be done by four hooligans on their own. 

Who hired those people? Who has given the order to attack Ahmet Hakan? It is imperative that this is revealed.

Let it be known by all that we will pursue this issue until the real culprits are revealed.

You cannot silence us; you cannot threaten us.

“Security guard on call!”

The Istanbul Governor’s Office released a statement upon news that Ahmet Hakan’s request for security guard was left unanswered.

The Governor’s Office claims that the news does not reflect the truth and said, “Upon his request, [he] was granted ‘security on call,’ but our investigation reveals that he did not request security on the day of the attack.” 

Does the Governor’s Office think Ahmet Hakan walks around with a glass sphere which can read the future?

Or he is equipped with another tool that informs him about the future?

He is supposed to look at it and see that he will be attack at midnight and will immediately call security and get the “security guard on call” moving!

And that guard will come flying and prevent the assault against Ahmet Hakan!

I am curious, if there are such tools, can the governor’s office send the address where I can buy them?

The ability to govern

Former Labor Minister Faruk Çelik recently explained why a coalition was not formed after June 7 elections.
“The opposition parties lack the ability and strength to govern the state.”

From his words we understand that there is only one party with the ability and strength to govern the state and that is the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Look at this ability:

* According to their statements, a “structure” fooled them and got hold of all the state’s security and justice system. It made up false evidences and sent many to jail and even plotted a coup. While all of this was taking place, they watched.

*In their 13 year governance, five ministers have changed but the education system is in a pathetic state. 

* They said they will end corruption but Turkey has taken a free fall on the list of the world corruption index.

* They started a “peace process” to end the terror, instructed governors so that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) was not touched and not only did terror not end, it became even worse.

* We were supposed to live in peace with our neighbors; we can’t ever go to Iraq and Syria.