Expecting a different result from repeat elections

Expecting a different result from repeat elections

People really do surprise you!

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently said he was the one who started the solution process.

“We started this process as a democratic opening. After registering progress with the democratic opening, we turned it into a national unity and brotherhood project. After all the consultations we made, including works with the wise people commissions, we wanted to crown it with the solution process,” Erdoğan said.

So far we all know what he is been talking about. We lived through all of this during the president’s period as prime minister.

But actually looking at the past, what he sees and what I see are quite different.

The president says “we made democratic openings.” But what I remember is that the “democracy package” was put on the shelf before even making it to the cabinet. I also recall that existing democratic rights were restricted and sugarcoated as “public security packages.”

Anyway, this is not the issue I want to focus on.

The president also added the following: “After all this, as you know, the June 7 elections were actually a hope. But what happened is that after the June 7 elections, some ugly, undesired incidents … unfortunately [took place]. While we expected democracy to become more powerful, incidents on the contrary occurred.”

The June 7 elections were a hope for the president in order to pass to a presidential or semi-presidential system. But unfortunately the “undesired” took place, from his perspective.

The solution process was put into the freezer because the president is angry at Selahattin Demirtaş, the co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).

The warlords of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) returned to arms as they resented the presence of Demirtaş and his ability to conduct democratic politics.

This is what is happening. How can they expect to get a different result from a new election, believing the people do not see that?

Don’t fool the nation, President Erdoğan will get angry

In the same speech delivered by Erdoğan, he said the following: “Everybody should know that we have reached the limits of taking a path to fool the nation. No one buys these lies anymore.”

I think exactly the same. Maybe this is not understood at first sight, but at the end of the day the nation has only a limited capacity to absorb lies and this is being exhausted slowly. We can’t achieve anything with lies. 

Let’s take the example of Ağrı Governor Musa Işın.

It seems that this man comes from a background of political Islam. We know that lying is among the most resorted to methods of political Islamists.

Governor Işın really deserves to be a deputy for the Justice and Development Party (AKP). He recently made some evaluations about the current news agenda with journalists who he gathered in his office.

He explained what kind of a disgusting organization the PKK is. “In one of our districts women were gathered together by the PKK,” he said. “Their husbands were threatened with death when they objected. In one of our districts, 40 young girls were kidnapped and raped. They were forced to stay there, saying they cannot go back.”

Now, the governor needs to answer these questions:

- What is the district where the wives were taken away from the arms of their husbands?

- Do you need lies to describe what kind of an organization the PKK is?

- In which district were the 40 girls kidnapped and raped?