Domestic security operation

Domestic security operation

According to a report presented to the National Security Council (MGK), the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has stockpiled 80,000 arms in the east and southeast, hiding behind the argument that it was “retreating due to the peace process.”

The places where these arms were hidden were identified one by one by the intelligence organs of the state, according to pro-government media.

The report is written by them. The information on what type of arms and ammunition is hidden where, as well as the quantity, is in the hands of the intelligence.

When you read this, one is curious: “If you knew that those arms were being hidden, why didn’t you stop it?”

There is no answer to be given because just like the news about the assassination plans against Sümeyye Erdoğan, the daughter of the president, this piece of news is rubbish, too.

Because this horrendous news ends like this:

“There will soon be a comprehensive domestic security operation encompassing these addresses and the arms will be collected.”

When I read this, I said: “Right, a domestic security operation similar to those during military rule is coming. The news about 80,000 arms is being made up to prepare the ground for this operation.”

There is only one purpose to what is called a domestic security operation: to pick up opponents, members of trade unions, members of disapproved associations, disliked intellectuals and journalists and keep them inside for a while.

It is apparent that they go to the MGK with these rubbish reports and then give it to the newspapers.

The aim is clear: to prepare the ground for an operation which they cannot do staying within the limits of the law.

Assassination attempts on Sümeyye Erdoğan

Two newspapers belonging to Shams Ethem (Sancak, who once said his love for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was akin to the love between Rumi and his companion and spiritual guide, Shams al-Tabrizi, has thrown a bombastic claim before the elections. It was about the preparation of an assassination against Sümeyye Erdoğan.

Apparently, a columnist from daily Taraf, Emre Uslu, and Republican People’s Party (CHP) parliamentarians Umut Oran and Akif Hamzaçebi had sent direct tweets to each other. The prosecution proved these messages to be fake and opened five separate court case on ac-cusations of insults and smears against those responsible at the two newspapers.

I was curious how the journalists who published this rubbish defended themselves in court.

The testimony of Mustafa Dolu centered on Anadolu Agency and intelligence sources.

According to the information in his testimony, this news was presented as a report to the president.

And it seems that Anadolu Agency sent this information provided to it by these sources specifically to these two papers.

The question is; why was such an important claim not put in the bulletin of the agency and sent to all its subscribers?

We can speculate how this affair unfolded: Tweets were made up by intelligence services that would put opposition members in difficulty. Then these tweets were rewritten using the news format by teams at Anadolu Agency.

Finally they were sent to newspapers. 

As you see, they don’t shy away from making up disgusting lies.

I cannot imagine what else they would have done had they known what benefit the government in the elections. Our imagination cannot keep up with their imagination.