Are we going to be able to find the ‘donations’ from this company?

Are we going to be able to find the ‘donations’ from this company?

Soma Holding which, without any discussion, has neglected safety circumstances with profit ambitions in Soma, has been able to win almost every tender in the mining sector over the past seven years. The total amount of tenders this company has won in the past seven years is claimed to be over 60 billion Turkish Liras.

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Haydar Akar explained to daily Taraf how this company has been the government favorite:

“The lignite coal management in Soma was handed over to Soma Inc. in 2005 with a lease. All of the coal produced was bought from them until 2010 unlawfully and irregularly. This company has sold the state a total of 18 million tons of coal from 2005, to Aug. 1, 2013. It is one of the five or six companies that supplies coal without any tender. When the government noticed the coal bought from leased mines was much more expensive than the one purchased through tenders, it made a law to fit the situation and to avoid any accusations. With a Cabinet decree and the energy minister’s circular, they determined a unit price. We can also see the state sales’ prices were also inflated in 2012. This also provided the private sector a separate privilege. The General Directorate of Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKİ) bought coal from a few companies, including Soma Inc. With a law issued in 2010, they purchased coal without any tender. However, the money paid to these companies is much higher than the coal bought through tenders. This is open favoritism of companies and means a transfer of income.”

It is the state that leases the mines; it is again the state that buys the coal produced in those mines without any tenders.

Is it possible for such a businessman to undertake such huge business enterprises without the protection and supervision of the government? We know it is not possible through the phone conversations that were leaked after Dec. 17, 2013.

The prime minister who does not want even a small “coupon plot” to change hands without his knowledge is in charge. Can business that has a volume over 60 billion liras be given to a company without the knowledge and approval of the prime minister?

There was a Prime Ministry decree dated June 16, 2013. According to that decree, public corporations and agencies (except for municipalities and special provincial administrations) would have to ask permission from the Prime Ministry for all kinds of sales, rental, leasing, handing over businesses. Let me remind you that the same “martial law” rules apply for mine royalties.

This company was directly under the protection of the prime minister.

We know how this government works.

The road to have a smooth relationship with the state, to receive your payments on time and to be able to get new work is apparent: A portion of your earnings should go to a foundation or association. You will donate them to the institution they point at.

If they ask you, you will create pools, or buy the rice to be distributed or donate to foundations.
There is no other way.

This company, which manages the mine in Soma and in many other regions, will of course, not let us learn what donations they have made to which associations or foundations; whereas, with a very easy check, we could have learned this detail. Then we would have understood much better why the prime minister does not mention any of the faults and shortcomings of the company executives since day one of the accident.

Indeed, no such prosecutor who would investigate this deep will ever come along.