We have successfully ruined football too

We have successfully ruined football too

Hooray! Our football world was already complicated; now it is total chaos, thanks to us.

Take a look at this situation for God’s sake. The federation is struggling in the hole it has dug itself and the more it struggles, the deeper it gets. There is not even sense in trying to interpret the recent decision they’ve made.

My guess is that there is a huge mistake somewhere.

Perhaps the justice is making a huge mistake and these thousands of pages in the indictment are empty — in other words, there have not been any match-fixing incidents in Turkey and the indictment of the prosecutor is a huge empty lie. We have a clear record except for one or two presumptuous.

Or the “Demirören federation” does not know what it is doing. This federation has been brought to the post with a mission and is fulfilling this mission. They will leave the post soon.

With every passing day, we are facing a deeper impasse. Now all eyes will turn to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). As we could not clean our own shop we will leave it for foreigners to do it.

The Super Final
Both the “match-fixing” scandal and the “Super Final” thrill have made fans madder. Each one of them is motivated to jump at the throat of another. The regular league order would not have created such a tension. Generally, the champion would have been known a few weeks before and the fans would get used to it. Apparently, “the super final” arrangement is not good for us. We have been strained and more strained. It has gone beyond being sports and fun. It is almost a war of independence.

Here is the last example: A disaster was averted at the last minute in Trabzon over the weekend. God saved us.

Fenerbahçe, under extraordinary circumstances, adopted an extremely even-tempered and effective stance. While beating Trabzonspor it also demonstrated that it was the bigger player. It was calm; it did not respond to provocations. Fenerbahçe is now the most desired team to become the champion, and to be frank, the team nearest to taking it.

Well, what will happen in the final game next week?

The fans are so tense, so explosive that the after match makes me shiver. Imagine the reaction of Galatasaray fans in the case that Fenerbahçe wins or just the opposite, in a possible Galatasaray win; imagine the picture when Galatasaray receives the cup in Kadıköy or at the Fenerbahçe stadium.

No. The “Super Final” is not for us. Well, neither the “Demirören federation.” Let the matches finish soon without any disaster and we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Gül has heard us
I’m so glad that we are abandoning one primitive habit.

On each April 23, the Children’s holiday celebration, we used to experience hilarious situations when precocious children took the seats of prime ministers, ministers and governors to perform their duties. It was a practice we did not know when or who began, nor why we were continuing with it. The message, as it was told, was ‘our children will become the future’s presidents and prime ministers.’ The aim is to show this to the public. What made it so silly was the reporters’ asking the children, “Sir/Ma’am, what will your first action be?” and the children answering with highly intelligent responses prepared by their families beforehand, some just meant to butter up officials.

These kinds of scenes used to happen in former communist regimes. I saw many of them while I was a journalist in Moscow. However, they abandoned the show in the mid 1980s, but we’ve still kept it until now.

Finally, it is over. The president has stopped this outdated practice.