Under the European polish, here comes racism

Under the European polish, here comes racism

The images that were recorded in Madrid were the peak that racism, foolishness, shamelessness and mercilessness could ever reach. I am sure you know about the incident that occurred earlier this week already but let us quickly review it. The famous PSV Eindhoven team from Holland was to play against Atletico Madrid.   

Some 4,000 fans supporting PSV Eindhoven traveled all the way to Madrid to support their team in the away game. Well, that’s good and nice; Madrid is a good away game venue. 

I went there in November 2015 following my team Galatasaray. I remember participating as a “side kick” in an activity named “Away Game Waterhole.” I cheered slogans for my team in that city and in that pub with old friends from the stands. 

Anyways, let us concentrate on the subject: A group of supporters of PSV Eindhoven sat at a popular square of the city, Plaza Mayor, and as you can imagine they had fully saturated their bodies with alcohol. 

At that point, their European polish came off and underneath came the (sorry) boorishness and the rudeness.  

They started throwing money, food, etc. at three women begging on the square accompanied by loud laughter.

It would be easy to define them as “a group of hooligans,” because among them were women, elderly guys and children who were also participating or accompanying the “fun” by laughing. 

They later make the women do pushups while continuing to throw coins at them. It is a scene that would make any human being want to curl up and die of shame.  

As a matter of fact, some Spanish people passing by the square loudly tell off the football fans for their “shamelessness and vulgarism.” 

Racism at its best 

After I watched the news on TV, I was curious how this story was covered in international press. Of course, they wrote of the ugliness of the incident, its mercilessness and they dragged the supporters of PSV Eindhoven through the mud. 


Unfortunately, there is a “however.” 

The comments made by readers and followers of Eurosport and social news site reddit.com shed light on the aspect of the incident beyond “the immodest group of the PSV fans.”

Some of foreign commentators were condemning the incident but there were also certain types of people who were covertly or openly trying to explain the story with some “nonsense logic.” 

“There are gypsies… These are beggars… They are professional emotional abusers… They are like rats; they are in every country… Why do you criticize those charitable people? They are actually throwing coins. They have paid for the show. Go and find a job. They do not feel humiliated…”

And many more similar nauseating expressions… 

This is sheer racism dressed in “fake logic…”

If you ask then, they would proudly say, “No way, I am not racist; I deplore discrimination,” but they would not hesitate to defend this disgrace…