Turkey’s phenomenal kiss

Turkey’s phenomenal kiss

So, there are some folks who have been bothered by the longing kiss shared by Kadri Gürsel and his wife Nazire Kalkan Gürsel...

When you view their social media profiles, you can see they have not been as sensitive toward other issues such as when kids were sexually assaulted in unsupervised kindergartens or boarding schools supported by brotherhoods.

When you see how the “disturbed” were not bothered at all with other issues that should have really bothered them, you can name what really bothers those who were “disturbed!”

And there’s a cure for it...

But first, I’d like to congratulate Yasin Akgül who shot the photograph for Agence France-Presse (AFP).

A longing kiss, a smiling soldier. It is almost like a painting...

And now, let’s name that kiss: A longing kiss.

Of course, this is a “freedom kiss,” though Germans have an alternative name for it.

In his book, the “History of Kissing,” Marcel Danesi notes there are 30 different words for different kinds of kisses and conveys “nachkuss” is the word defining “the kiss that makes up for missed kisses or unrealized kisses.”

That heartwarming snap is a portrayal of the “nachkuss” between two enamored people – who were separated on unjust terms for 11 months.

I told you I would tell you the cure for those bothered from that picture.

It’s easy; kiss a lot.

Philematologues, scientists who focus on the subject of kissing, cannot get enough of talking about the benefits of kissing...

Hormones such as adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphin are pumped into the bloodstream when you kiss...

Scientifically, it makes us happy, it makes us feel well...

A cure for all problems!

It clears the skin, makes the eyes sparkle, pumps more oxygen to the body than normal and even helps burn more calories.

I’m serious! Scientific research shows “calories burned while kissing for 30 minutes is equal to calories burned while swimming for the same amount of time.”

And, my disturbed brother, it lowers stress levels, removes intolerance caused by anger, rage and impatience.

And if we are to rebel against it based on the slogan “it goes against our culture,” journalist Ali Topuz has a great answer for that.

Topuz mocked the situation, saying, “Anatolian culture does not include kissing so Karacaoğlan is from the Vatican.”
Then he quoted the folk poet Karacaoğlan, “I could not see you, covered in gold and bronze/ I could not kiss you from the tip of your lip.”

Does he have to answer to you?

And there are some folks who say he should go home and kiss...

Does Kadri Gürsel, who was separated from his wife for 11 months and was not allowed to hug his son in the courtroom, have to answer to you regarding where he can kiss his wife?

Mind your own business. Kiss and maybe you will be cured.

(*) The History of Kissing, Marcel Danesi, translated by Özlem Karadağ, Doğan Publishing House, 2013.

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