The system has collapsed and protects the wrong people

The system has collapsed and protects the wrong people

Although we have become a society not easily shocked by terrible news, we were recently shaken by two things.

1- I cannot even call him a “father.” A man who stabbed and killed his nine-year-old child.

2- Four city bandits beat two Southeast veterans and their relatives, including a two-year-old child, after an argument about who had the right of way in traffic.

When we look closer at the two incidents, we can see the horror, disgust and feelings of rebellion and desperation grow.

Only two months ago, the “man” had said he would lock up the child at home and poison him by turning on the gas. He had recorded his child crying and shared it on social media.

Relatives and police entered the house with a battering ram and saved the child. The mother wanted her child back and cried for help.

So what happened afterwards?

The “man” who received “formal” permission from the prosecutor, took his child back from his mother, locked him up at home and killed his nine-year old son, Yiğitcan.

Don’t ask how this could have happened. We all know how it happened.

As a society, we live in a country full of violence and we have become accustomed to constantly hearing terrible news. We all actually know the reasons and factors that trigger this madness.

Those who act illegally are easily let off the hook.

This imbalance of crime and punishment encourages the bad and creates fear in the innocent.

The reports state “there are 25 million guns in the country and 85 percent of them are unlicensed.” We see “unlicensed guns on sale for 100 Turkish Liras on the internet” and no one even gives a damn about it.

The system has collapsed and protects the wrong people.

The incident of the four people so blinded by anger that they beat two veterans who had paralyzed legs, a two-year-old girl and women, and chased the vehicle three kilometers away happened in the capital of our country.

It is not just a single event!

Is there anyone for instance, who has not recently witnessed a fight, a noisy quarrel or an argument in traffic or who has not heard about it from their relatives who has witnessed one in the last month?

As a society, we are extremely tense, we believe the strong will always win instead of those who are right and that the one with the loudest voice is always right.

We become sad only for a short period of time when we hear about sad news like the “nine-year-old Yiğitcan who was stabbed and killed by his own father because he could not be protected by the system.”

We are not easily shocked anymore and somehow, we’ve normalized news involving violence.

Two veterans, their wives, mothers, sisters and two-year-old girl were battered, but it does not have much of an effect on us.

It seems we have become trained to seeing all kinds of treachery and injustice that unfortunately, such news no longer affects us very much.

We are like characters in a low-budget action movie. We struggle in a scenario where the bad always beat the good and the villains are justified in every circumstance.

I would have liked to end on a note that gives a message full of goodness and hope, but all I can say is, “the country has gone mad, so please take care of yourselves.”

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