New polls for the exhausted Turkish voter

New polls for the exhausted Turkish voter

You know, dear reader, we were not able “sell” our opinion to these “guys.” 

When I say guys, it is indeed the political parties I am referring to. 

With the local elections on March 30, 2014, with presidential elections on August 10, 2014 and with June 7, 2015 general elections, we have casted our votes three times in 15 months. 

While we should have been exhausted by elections, we nevertheless went to the ballot box with quite an outstanding turnout; whether we liked it or not, we were there to vote for “these guys.” 

We tolerated their tugging of all our social values at political rallies to whatever suited their book, their straining the nation, their polarizations and their insults to those who were not like them. We witnessed their yelling, their threats and their tantrums. We overlooked their demonization, their nonsense pledges.  

Shortly, we went to cast our votes and we told them: “Guys, make a deal amongst yourselves; we do not want to give the key to one of you only…”

The guys who were playing the drums for 12 years alone, who got used to enjoying full power did not like the elections results.  

Even if the Justice and Development Party (AKP) itself wants a coalition, their “older brother” does not want it. 

The pro-government media had a smooth transition from the “national will rules” to shaking their finger at the voter, “you will see.” 

Well, you know Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) anyway. It wants to have its cake and eat it too. 

It is dreaming of staying within the red lines it has drawn, to be able to advance while standing still. By calling the voters of a party which gained 13 percent “dishonorable,” it thinks it can move ahead. 

Let us be fair. It is only the Republican People’s Party (CHP) that has been doing whatever it can or cannot do; it is trying to do everything, but guys, the “chief” performs a good defense.  

Nobody is knocking on the door of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) anyway, which has sinned big time by crossing the election threshold, for closing the door to the “chieftain” regime anyway. 

Well, what will we do then? Those who did not like our “national will,” are now making moves on us, saying, “Dear, the dearest of all voters, shall we hold elections around November?” 

The cost of one election is at least 2 billion Turkish Liras; some say it is 3.5 to 4 billion liras. 

We know this money does not come out of the pocket of those who do not like our will; you do know that, right? 

It will be us who will pay an extra amount and it will be us again who will go to the ballot box to elect this bunch of amateurs. 

Well, what will the result be? Fresh surveys reveal that the decor will not change much. There is a tiny, slight upward movement in the AKP and CHP; there is a very slight downward movement in the MHP and HDP; that’s about it. 

History books are full of episodes of those who set out with personal ambitions and “subtle” calculations, who fuel disputes instead of reconciliation and who call for polls with no reason: in short, examples of all these kinds of sharp wits on how their nations slapped them in their face.

Don’t cry afterwards, alright guys?