Turkey witnesses Far East competition

Turkey witnesses Far East competition

Miniso, Mumuso, Yoyoso: These three brands were born in Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines.

Defined as fast fashion chains, they are in fierce competition in the Far East. Now, their competition has been carried to Turkey. These brands that have been set up based on the same concept are becoming established in Turkey thanks to the interest of Turkish investors. Shopping malls in Turkey have been going through difficult days lately as several shops and brands have started to shut their doors.

The Japanese brand Miniso, the South Korean brand Mumuso, and the Philippine brand Yoyoso have given shopping malls some breathing space.

Following fast food, fast fashion has become quite popular globally.

The design and production philosophy of these three brands are quiet similar. They want to sell products that are practical, environment sensitive, human-focused and low cost.

All three are among the brands that have shown the fastest growth in the last 10 years.

Miniso the first to enter the Turkish retail market

Miniso is the first one to have been established. Miyake Junya, who is the company’s chief designer and young Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guo Fu are the founders of Miniso, set up in Japan in 2013. Miniso has created a new work model by combining fast fashion and entertainment.

It currently has more than 3,000 stores in nearly 40 countries.

They open an average of 80 to 100 stores per month.

Miniso’s target is to open 6,000 stores in four corners of the world by 2020.

Dr. Adem Elbaşı, who is among the partners of the Medical Park and Liv Hospitals Group, brought the Miniso brand to Turkey in 2016. They have now reached 30 stores. The target in 2018 is to reach 45 stores. They want to open a store each month.

The South Korean brand Mumuso

Mumuso is a South Korean brand whose products are manufactured in China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Singapore. It endorses the principles of plain, simple, and environmental and is aiming to address people who are looking for quality and design in products.

Their first store in Turkey was opened in 2017 at Tepe Nautilus on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Ramazan Donduran, one of the partners of Fabrika Architecture, who is the designer of many offices and company headquarters like Turkcell among them, as well Ayhan Canlıoğlu, owner of Canlıoğlu Tekstil, who is producing for international brands, are the two names who have brought Mumuso to Turkey. They currently have 14 stores and by 2020, they want to have 5,000 stores throughout the world.

Yoyoso is present in 20 countries

Yoyoso has now joined these two Far East brands to make its presence in the Turkish market. Set up in the Philippines in 2014, Yoyoso now has 800 stores in 20 countries.

Ecrou is the brand that brought Yoyoso to Turkey.

Tahsin Göksu, who has worked as an executive in the retail sector with companies such as Carrefour and Teknosa, as well as Şahin Demir, one of the founders of De Facto, which has become a successful brand in the ready wear sector, have been incremental in bringing Yoyoso to Turkey.

The first Yoyoso was opened at the Viaport Venezia mall and aims to grow fast in the country.