Egypt: ‘a confusing mix of hope and fear’

Egypt: ‘a confusing mix of hope and fear’

Confusing is an understatement when it comes to the affairs in Egypt.

Without doubt a volatile situation. Whichever way one looks at it, it seems only possible to grasp the moment. The lenses to view developments in Egypt have been varied. Only time will tell. Nevertheless, reality does not always follow well structured academic scenarios; the struggle for power has already revealed its violent nature, threats of more to come are immanent in the air. Meanwhile, Egypt remains resilient, alert and hoping for a better future.

Events are telling in terms of raising the lid off the different perspectives. Every new move strikes a chord, positions and sides become clearer. The perceived losers vow to fight hard to be the winners, the perceived winners are adamant to avert defeat. Sadly, perceptions of many remain tubular and unable to take in the complexity of the whole scene. The rhetoric of hate and threats remains the common denominator among many on all sides. More tolerant voices continue to try to see clearly, to expose double standards, to warn against hate, violence and the simple game of black and white. Some hope remains in these growing voices for inclusion rather than exclusion. The difficult path for reconciliation is yet far-fetched. The internal fight in Egypt is not merely over power, the deeper fight is for integrity of values and institutions. Externally, responses have without doubt revealed a serious play of regional and international interests.

Questions raised by the turn of events in Egypt are a welcome sign of broadening perceptions. One may wonder whether the issue is about understanding reality at all or merely the blind belief that reality is the one perspective each sees. For many June 30 signaled a wave of the same revolution to regain freedom, dignity and social justice, for some a new revolution against the one-year-old presidency of Mohamed Morsi and his Brotherhood, for others a welcomed coup by the army to rescue the nation from dipping further into chaos. Together they represent a majority. They flooded the streets in an unprecedented show of people power and will. To those who were in power then, the move should have come as no surprise. They had failed many. The brotherhood followers and sympathizers also took to the streets with their leaders claiming legitimacy and a blow to democracy. Top Brotherhood figures continue to publically incite their followers to fight, and threaten to escalate violent responses to reclaim their right to power. Violent confrontations have already plagued the scene with a rising death toll and incidents all over the nation as all try to justify their positions.

Meanwhile, in a take two scene, the military sponsors a road map to restore the broken political process. This time over, small signs of progress give hope to the millions of Egyptians who will a better future for themselves and their children. It is in the persistent will of its youth that one can ultimately see this Egyptian inner struggle resolve and find its rightful path to bread, freedom and social justice. For the moment, everything is in the mix; regional support for quick economic relief pouring in mingled with severe signs of disapproval and increased apprehension clearly adds to the myriad of interests and state of affairs on the ground.