The world’s maddest period

The world’s maddest period

We have reached the years where everyone has a quarrel with everyone, the world is full of violence, leaders are shouting, crowds are angry and borders are messy and swarmed with immigrants. Apparently, the world is confused.

While people talk about the referendum in Iraq, in Spain the Catalans say they want independence. Yesterday, Spain’s constitutional court declared the Catalan referendum law void.

Iraq has been a member of the United Nations since 1945 and Spain has been a member since 1955.

Some people base these referendums on “national self-determination” in the U.N.’s “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [ICCPR].”

But international jurists draw attention to a less spoken but more important U.N. article. They say, “The most important building block of international law is ‘the principle of respecting the territorial integrity of countries.’”

It already says in the second article of the United Nations Charter, “All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purpose of the United Nations.”

It also speaks about the appropriate conditions for splitting up and leaving (a government), which are approved by international law and the U.N., just like the examples of Lithuania and Estonia, who left the Soviet Union and Bangladesh who left Pakistan or Czechoslovakia who split in two.

But the most important thing is, they have the assent of the main country. In other words, they had actually said, “If you do not want me, I do not want you at all.” But, this is not the case in Iraq and Spain.

You might ask why I bother myself with these subjects as a comedian. But I was curious about our future, so I researched it and wrote it down.

On the other hand, who cares about the law and the rules during this current state of the world? Is the U.N. objective? And even if it is, is it efficient?

The conscious spirit of countries, who have learnt their lessons from the Second World War, is left in the past. I believe the world is living its most wild and lawless period of history. I strongly hope in the near future we will not need a new “U.N. community who had its fingers burnt, suffered, wore out and hereupon wants peace and trust” and a new agreement.

The best ways to pamper yourself

If I have the attention of women with this advertisement like title, then I shall continue.

How much time do you spend on manicures and pedicures? Have you ever calculated the hours you have spent in one month at the coiffeur? Add up the minutes you have spent applying facial cream, doing your makeup and blow-drying your hair. How much time is spent on “feel good activities” like window shopping for clothes you’ll never buy, watching TV shows, or gossiping with your friends?

Now, I will share with you the one golden rule that will make you feel good! This is an incredible way to pamper yourself if you are above forty years old and it only takes one hour per year.

It will lengthen your life, protect your beauty, your youth and lift your spirit.

Ladies, do you breast cancer screenings!

Once every two years until a certain age and after that age once a year, spend one hour going to the doctor to do your check-up. Also, learn how to check your breasts, it takes less time than applying conditioner on your hair in the shower.

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