No one wins with disgrace!

No one wins with disgrace!

Day and night, we are constantly on the streets because of our new movie shooting. People ask me, “What will happen to this country?” when they see me, with pessimism. They ask things like, “What do you think, what must we do with this psychology?”

“Look, we are doing everything we can to shoot a great movie. It will be a comedy film which will be watched everywhere across the world; we will be proud of it. We are trying to do our job as good as possible with our own values, ethics, hard work, and ambition; we keep dreaming of the future. You should also do the same thing,” I say. 

People are worrying about themselves and their children in an environment full of bragging and where virtues are shown as valueless, while the ones most violent and loudest are shown as the winners.

We are very surprised when we see people speaking politely with each other in a debate.

We get emotional when a shopkeeper tells someone who is running short of money, “No problem, pay it later.”

We get astonished in this country when people do not look for connections or contacts when getting their work done, put a bucket full of water for street animals, do not make gender discrimination, trust their business partners, choose qualified personnel through fair exams, obey rules, and achieve success by their own labor and talent.

We crave for the streets where women can walk comfortably at nights, districts which give free theatre courses to children, streets dominated by neighborhoods instead of sects and sheikhs, men who do not terrorize and young people who know that patriotism first starts with loving each other. 

Rudeness is considered as power, insincerity as intelligence, lying as a talent and illiteracy as a form of honesty. 

This became a place where the ugly face of easily casting aspersions upon others and speaking ill of them is confused for enthusiastic partisanship.

These I mentioned above are not virtues but disgrace! 

Actually in these lands, people look down on these kinds of disgraceful people and they become a subject of joke among friends. These disgraceful people can never win. Because the strongest truths are the ones we learned in kindergarten - apart from eating healthy, sleeping early, being told to behave well, be polite to friends, do not lie, share everything you have with people, and be hardworking!

Most people in these lands take sides with the well-behaved and clever, and are in favor of development and progress. Our traditions are based on equality, justice, elegance and respect. For centuries, science, art and invention have been applauded. Families want their children to be rich, successful, married and happy, but foremost “educated and wise.”

Do not look at those who keep yelling on social and print media and are casting aspersions on others. 

Still, good people are good, bad are clearly bad and everybody is aware of everything!

These lands are very strong.

Even the most superficial of these people, in fact, know that politeness is the strongest power and knowledge the most important necessity; efficiency is irreplaceable, and hard work means money and success.

This society’s real virtues are very strong!

Relax! Keep on smiling and make plans for the future!