Let’s discuss sports for a bit, shall we?

Let’s discuss sports for a bit, shall we?

In 2011, Şahika Ercümen broke a standing diving record of 108 meters by diving two meters further in a competition in Austria, breaking a world record previously set by a male diver. 

In 2014, our visually impaired athlete Öznur Yılmazer received three medals after finishing first in the 100-, 200- and 400-meter races in the IPC Athletics European Championships. She even made history in the championship itself by receiving three medals all at once.

In 2016, Nur Tatar Askari received a bronze medal in taekwondo during the Rio Olympics. She had returned to Turkey with a gold medal prior to that when she came back home from the London Summer Olympics.

In 2017, Yasemin Adar became champion at the Paris World Wrestling Championship in the 75-kilogram category.

Again, in 2017, our women’s team became European champion in the European Fencing Championship. It is a first in our 94 years in fencing as a country.

Again in fencing, Deniz Selin Ünlüdağ became European champion in the Junior and Cadet European Fencing Championships in the women’s sword category just a couple months back.

The Eczacıbaşı VitrA Women’s Volleyball Team won the ultimate European club title in 2015, and the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship in 2015 and 2016 alike became the champion at the CEV Volleyball Cup just two weeks ago.

A week ago, Galatasaray’s Women Basketball team claimed its second EuroCup Women’s title.

The victory marked Galatasaray’s second success in Eurocup Women, having won its initial title back in 2009 — the first time a Turkish women’s club won a European title.

I apologize for occupying your minds and this column with such useless information.

But, of course, we have much more important issues to discuss about sports.

Like that time when some people threw an object at Beşiktaş coach Şenol Güneş’s head during the Fenerbahçe-Beşiktaş derby of the Ziraat Turkish Cup on April 20, which eventually got postponed after.

How many stitches did he get?

Was his head bleeding?

Did Güneş exaggerate his injury as some have accused him of doing in order to have the game abandoned by referee Aykut Kocaman?

Why did he stagger when he was hit with a water bottle in the chest?

Did he enter the changing room in good health?

Or did something happen there?

Why was the game abandoned?

Should Fenerbahçe be forfeited or should the game continue?

Who would have won had the game went on?

Do you think objects will be thrown next time round?

How many stitches would one get if objects are, in fact, thrown?

This is what sports is. This is what we should discuss when the subject is sports!

No need to elaborate on the women who keep the Turkish flag flying in Europe by training their lives away. They may get too flattered.

Who are they anyway?

opinion, Nur Tatari Askari,