I do not stop life!

I do not stop life!

I was hired by this newspaper so that would I write humor and political satire.

It is not difficult for me to write. It just depends on seeping my coffee in front of my computer.

If you do not count the articles I wrote for the newspaper, I have written more than 30,000 pages of comedy.

Thank you; you have laughed at each of these pages for years. You sent me messages saying, “You made us laugh, may Allah make you laugh too.”

But yes…

It is now difficult to find something to joke about in the country. If I find it, I am ashamed to write it. Perhaps you will be ashamed of having loud laughter.

They steal away our joy, our laughter, all those who worked for the current pathetic situation of this wonderful country.

You have made us not laugh, may Allah make you not laugh!

Yesterday I was looking out the window. Traffic police were conducting controls for alcohol consumption. It appeared weird to me, the fact that people go out to dinner, to drink alcohol, the fact that police issued fines for alcohol control. A dangerous sentence like, “they deal with such problems as if everything is normal” crossed my mind.

I guess this is what terror wants! It wants us to say, “What traffic, what alcohol control, what education, what occupation.” It wants to bring the nation to a standstill. It wants the energy to go down. We turn into a bunch of pessimists, hopeless people who have few things left to lose and are angry at each other.

That’s why I am not in the business of “let’s stop life.”

We are exhausted of pain, anger and outcries. Yes, politics is not being a translator of our emotions; it does not give us confidence. They have either empty rhetoric or provocative targeting. Terror organizations run amok. And you want to react by saying “let’s stop life.”

But let’s not stop life; let’s stop our anger.

We should not point a finger at each other and yell. We are going to do our job in the best possible way. That traffic police officer will continue to do the best alcohol control of his life; I will write the best comedy.

We should enter politics, civil society organizations. We will speak, we will write but more important than that we will go and vote.

We need to sweep away Middle Eastern habits that have taken our country hostage and get some fresh air inside. 

We need national mobilization.

Let’s not look like politics; politics should look like us.

Let’s not stop life; on the contrary, let’s start a better life.

Now, today!

Let’s contradict the New York Times!

This is what the New York Times wrote the other day:

“Neither terror bombs nor Nobel victory succeeded to get Turks unified.”

I became so resentful! How did we turn out like that? I would have preferred they swore at us!

For years we were proud of exactly the contrary. “There is an emotional unity among our people; we are all brothers and sisters; civil war is impossible in Turkey. This is not in our DNA.”

I still want to believe in that!