The Kurdish problem dilemma

The Kurdish problem dilemma

What I am saying is that they are trying to send “the future of our children to the mountains.”  

He still replies to me by asking, “Where was the government when they were digging these ditches?”

There is no other option left.

This time I will not explain in long sentences. 

I will do is precisely and succinctly…

I used a photograph from the Yasef neighborhood of Cizre in southeastern Şırnak province, where two young children were playing and smiling on the other side of the ditches. 

Two black-eyed boys were in the picture among the ditches, the bombs and the school building set ablaze…

They were smiling, because they are children and it seems to them as if they are in a game. 

How would they know that this act of this play is a bloody game that Turkey is being pulled into?

I wrote about these children in my column the other day. I wished that these children would not grow up in such violence, so that they did not go to the mountains from that field of hate.

My wish was that these children would not take to the mountains and become enemies to the other children of the country.

But he still sends me messages… He writes, “Mr. Fatih, Mr. Çekirge… Hey Fatih, why don’t you ask where the governors, the police and the soldiers were when these ditches were being dug? Where was the government?”

This mentality… it is this mentality…

Exactly this mentality was also against the Kurdish peace process, which was summed up as “mothers should not cry,” or “let’s stop mothers from crying.”

They were against such an experiment.

Because in their mentality, for them, there is nobody who can be called “Kurdish;” for them, “Kurd equals terror.” 

For that person, there is only one solution and that solution is arms. For him, there are traitors and there are patriots. 

In this case, those who are looking for peaceful solutions are all together potential traitors.

Oh, my dear friend… Turkey has tried a peace process, yes. I also supported it, yes.

President Tayyip Erdoğan took a risk, yes… Abdullah Öcalan was also in this experiment. 

Well, what happened? 

Now, the Kandil Mountains have become the tool of Syria and Russia. They have rolled up their sleeves to take Turkey into a civil war. 

Under the name of “self-administration” they have started organizing urban guerillas and resistance neighborhoods. 

These children are growing up with hate, inside these armed clashes…

For our children not to grow up in hate, I am openly saying that Turkey should try the “democratic initiative,” even it takes a thousand tries…

But Turkey should also unite against this game that wants to split Turkey and its sovereignty as a state.  

I am talking about that unity. 

I am suggesting ending this hate and the feeling of defeat inside us against this game.

But that guy is still after the psychological revenge for the defeat on Nov. 1.

“Where was the government when these ditches were dug?” he is asking. 

Dear friend, when you tell the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), at every opportunity, to “accept and adopt those who do not vote for you…” 

And when I tell you that you should also accept this government that you have not voted for, why do you get angry at me?  

Don’t get angry…

Just try to understand those children in the photo.