Prayer for Turkey in Saint Peter’s Square

Prayer for Turkey in Saint Peter’s Square

If Rinaldo Marmara had not reminded me, it would have been forgotten among thousands of pieces of news.
Yet it was so warm.

So from the heart, so humane.

An expression that all of humanity needs to hear.

Pope Francis held the noon prayer in St Peter’s Square. (Angelus Domini...)
This is what he said to the people who gathered in the square and to the whole world he addresses via the radio:

“Yesterday I was informed about the sad news of the bloody assassination that has taken place in our dear Turkey. Let’s pray for martyrs, the dead and the wounded and wish for peace for everybody.”


He is the most important name of the Christian world. If he starts the prayer saying “dear Turkey…”
We as Turkey need to interpret and present this message full of love as a door to peace for the world. 
Pay attention... as ever we have known ourselves, we have said “external enemies.”
We identified our own mistakes and wrongdoings as “external enemies.”
Sometimes we have made up imaginary enemies. 

Communism… external enemy...

Radicalism… external enemy…

We know that the network called the “Fethullahist Terrorist Organization” is a foreign intelligence project.
But we also know at the same time that the states that were seeking to rule the world have done so throughout history.

They made people fight against each other. They made Africa a geography of exploitation and left it to history as humanity’s atlas of shame.

They wrote scenarios. Set aside scenarios, they drew the borders of this region. 
We are right to be angry at this. Indeed.

But there is no meaning in declaring the whole world an enemy. Everybody is evil and we are the only angels... that cannot be the case. 

Look at the chain of traitors that came from within us. 

We have seen that, too. We saw all the phases of treason during the night of the failed coup on July 15.
At present, the law is after making them pay that treason.
It will for as long as it takes.

But we need to hear a friendly voice in this world, too.
Otherwise we can become introverted, declaring the West an enemy.
Yet, that would only benefit that network of traitors. 

We should not be cross. We need to explain our problem. Let’s pay attention to friendly voices, to friendly hands that are being extended.

That’s why Pope Francis’ address in his Sunday prayer starting with “dear Turkey” is very meaningful for Turkey, which is the most important country of the Muslim geography.

Thank you for the prayers of the Pope and the Christian world.