Get back to humanitarian values

Get back to humanitarian values

United States declared war after 9/11.

Smart missiles, jets drones, warships...

Just like the United States in 9/11, now France has declared a war...

Now hostility against the East will start. The airports will become a torture to those named “Yusuf.”

All right… Let’s fight terror. But this issue cannot be solved solely by war. Humanity needs to look for a new and fair order. 

If greedy, huge multinationals continue to see Africa and the Middle East only as a richness under the earth; if the Mediterranean continues to become a graveyard for refugees; if more than half of the world population continues to be sentenced to hunger and unemployment; if we continue to perceive being developed as the power of arms; if the blindness against the hopelessness of the young population continues; if there is not one single country with a Muslim population in the United Nations Security Council; if one part of the geography continues to build walls against the other part of the geography… 

It would be al-Qaeda yesterday, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) today and something else tomorrow...

Neither this anger will diminish nor this slaughter.

A talk with the German minister

Once, I had the opportunity to talk to the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere.

We were talking about youth from Germany going to join ISIL.

He had told me: “We are trying to understand. Our psychologists are studying why these kids join such slaughter.”

This well-intended question of the German minister is being asked by the whole world.

To me the answer is clear: 

“A large number of humanity is suffering in hunger and unemployment...How can you explain otherwise the fact that a refugee fleeing Syria knowingly risks his life and that of his children in the Mediterranean? This is an outcry that can afford anything.”

And of course there is another answer.

The name is “wild capitalism.” If you look at these geographies, just as under earth there is richness to be exploited. If for hundreds of years you will have slave trade and if the U.N. that you put forward as the world order becomes a toy in time... if the U.N. Secretary General Mr. Moon makes touristic visits to refugee camps while part of the world suffers from hunger, how can we solve this issue?

Of course, some may come out and say, “All right but why is hunger and poverty taking place in the same geographies? Isn’t there something called laziness?”

Of course there is...

But what could be the sin of the boy looking at me with his brown eyes in the Congo?

The world must solve this issue not under the shadow of guns, under emergency conditions.

It should solve it by targeting the hearts. In summary, imperialism and wild capitalism weigh over so much....
Democratic competition ended; the balance is disrupted, values lost. I therefore advise from the East to the West. 

Reset to humanitarian values instead of original settings.